Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Reach New Heights! To operate in a wise and honest way, maximizing our investors’ returns while maintaining our social responsibility.


To find and work in long-term relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who share our values and have suitable niche business opportunities that can be best brought to fruition through the JK Summit system. We are entrepreneurs who back entrepreneurs.



To give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. This can be achieved via financial giving, giving of our time or skills and other relevant resources. We will encourage and action a charitable and compassionate mindset. Our primary focus will be with real estate related projects and helping young people.



To treat all of our connections (colleagues, clients, suppliers, vendors, network) in a fashion that is wholly consistent with our values, all of the time.



To achieve top investment result performance by applying deep and critical thinking, stress testing our investment options to minimize downside risk and working every asset as hard as we can.



To build a company made of high performing, motivated, fully engaged, well-rewarded and loyal team players. To both celebrate our success and learn from our failures. Our culture will be positive and exude a winning mentality.

Our Give-Back Strategy

For JK Summit, it’s more than charitable giving: it’s about finding ways to give back and engage in sustainable and responsible activities that enhance our communities and environment.


Our strategy is focused on giving back in activities and behaviors to benefit our global community with an additional passion for health and welfare, young people in need and entrepreneurs with limited resources.