Equity Investment: Long-Term Hold

Our long-term equity investments typically focuses on companies that are in the process of developing new products or technologies, or those entering new markets. We often work closely with the management team to advise and provide assistance with strategic planning, recruiting and business development. Our current client portfolio spans from technology start-ups, health and fitness, healthcare technology platforms to real estate.


Long-term investments are generally held on the balance sheet for a duration of five to ten years, after which time each one is individually reassessed according to our corporate strategy.

Mixed-Use Property: Short-Term Hold

Our short-term investments focus on mixed-use properties, consisting primarily of residential properties, commercial properties, or a combination of both. The strategy is to purchase distressed assets that have great appreciation potential, and invest in revitalization with the highest level of design and quality. Projects get completed anywhere between three to nine months, after which they are heavily marketed in conjunction with our real estate affiliates to generate the maximum profits for the current market.

Residential Development

Residential developments consist of single family homes, multi-family dwellings or condo developments. Our team opportunistically locates land in desirable neighborhoods where we can plan for the appropriate development based on each market’s demand. With an experienced team of architects, designers and contractors, we invest heavily in the planning and design phases of the development. We then work closely with the local municipalities to obtain all the required approvals and start executing on the project immediately. Typical time frame for each development is between nine months to two years depending on the size and scope of each project. Developments are sold from the pre-construction phase with some incentives to the buyers, all the way to finished products with added premiums. We work closely with each buyer throughout any cycle of the project to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and delivery of the best quality end product.