Founded in 2014, JK Summit Investments is a full service Private Equity Investment Manager. We originate and manage opportunistic deals and invite Institutional, Family Office and High Net Worth investors to join us in structured investments. We have an active deal flow and investors can choose which deals to participate in. Fund structures can range from one large investor to several participating investors. Total equity invested per deal currently ranges from $1m-$5m.


Investments are typically executed on a deal-by-deal basis, providing our investors with deal package complete with relevant information to action upon once an opportunity has been secured. This package highlights the deal attributes, a detailed business plan and the anticipated target for investor returns. JK Summit creates a specific fund for the investment and organizes all of the financing and asset management providing a full service platform for investors. JK Summit will invest its own capital, as specified in each deal package, along with third party limited partners, into each of its deals, showing our commitment and vested interest in all our funds.